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healthy, empowered women

Selling for Wealth

...at the office

 •  If you work from home or an office

 •   If you're a business owner or work for one
 • If you want more out of your work and every aspect of life...

Selling for Wealth
Classic Strategies That Rock!

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...in relationships

• Before you go on another date

     •  Before you make a life changing decision
            • Before you go out your front door...

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Street Smarts for Dealing with Dicks

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New Mother
...in motherhood

•  If you want a natural childbirth

     •   If you've considered home birth
            • If you believe your postpartum can be magical...

New Mother
Using a Doula, Midwife, Postpartum Doula, Maid, Cook, or Nanny to Support Healing, Bonding and Growth

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Free Love
...in family life

• If family and friends are your greatest treasure

•  If you love caring for them and want to learn more
• If you believe that no matter what schedule demands or income, family, friends and community can remain our top priority...

Everyday Ideas for Joyful Living

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