"Filled with great advice for expectant moms, New Mother makes the perfect gift for any pregnant woman.  The information author Allie Chee provides allows for women to be in charge of their birth and postpartum time. Instead of just letting things happen, Chee informs us on how to plan for a desirable birth experience and teaches the reader that this really is something that you must be proactive about." 


"If you are pregnant or are a new mother you cannot afford not to heed the advice given by Allie Chee in her book, New Mother, if you want to experience the true joy and fulfillment of new motherhood.  A very practical book written with humor and wisdom."

"This book should be on the book shelf of every doctor, midwife, doula, grandmother, mother, and mother to be.  It should be shared with fathers, uncles, grandfathers and brothers.

Whether you are a new mother, will soon be a new mother, have been a new mother, or have ever known a new mother,  I urge to you read this book. I ask you, as a  member of a disconnected society, to share a copy of Allie Chee’s book with every family who will have a new mother in it.  Offer an invitation to rely on community, and the joy of service toward others; starting with birth." 
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"Author Allie Chee, at age 42 and after two miscarriages, wanted a home birth, a traditional 40-day postpartum healing and bonding time, and to breastfeed and co-sleep for two years. That’s not for everyone, but indeed almost everyone would want a more natural, loving childbirth experience at home or in the hospital than the standard, mechanical childbirth template common today—and this book helps you plan for just that…a more natural, loving childbirth experience!" 
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"If we're ever going to create a healthy and benevolent world, few things are as important as the way a mother and baby spend their first days and months together.  New Mother offers a beautiful vision and practical support for that precious and formative time."

JOHN ROBBINS, author No Happy Cows, Diet For A New America, and Reclaiming Our Health

“I have never read a book like this for new mothers. I think you need it.”

“I cannot wait to share this book with all my patients!"

DR. JESSICA CHEN L.Ac., DOAM, co-author, Sitting Moon: A Guide to Natural Rejuvenation After Childbirth

“New Mother is the book that should be in the hands of every woman with childbearing on her mind… New Mother dishes out practical advice in a fun and accessible way. Want to have a baby and live to tell about it? Get this book...and heed the advice!”

CHRISTINA PIRELLO Emmy award winning host of the National Public Television series, “Christina Cooks” and best-selling author

New Mother combines practical and helpful information from Eastern and Western practices for pregnancy and postpartum. I will recommend it to my patients and students.

Dr. NING X. FU, O.M.D., Ph.D, Senior Professor: Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

"THE book for all expectant and new moms...and really understand WHY they need help when they have a NEW baby...! It is not about being able to do it YOURself. It is about getting the support that you need and empowering you in your new role! Excellently and especially written for women that are passionate about helping families!"


"Allie may technically be a stranger, but she's your new best friend. Although motherhood is biological, it is also culturally generated, and this guide fits our time and place.  Delight in the support you will feel by reading this book."

HARRIET BEINFIELD, co-author of Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine

"This gem of a book details important information for mom's to be and should be required reading provided by every midwife's and OB-GYN's practice."

-JOY FELDMAN, NC, JD, author of Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health and Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?

"NewMother is a perfect read for mothers and fathers to be. As a Lactation Consultant for Best Fed Babies I have consultations daily with new mothers who have unrealistic expectations of being able to "do it all". Ms. Chee's book brings us back to the reality of protecting the new mother so she will be able to protect and bond with her new baby. New mothers can NOT do it all. New Mother stresses the importance of surrounding the new mother with those who can help and support the family—this is imperative."

LAURIE HAESSLEY, RD, IBCLC, Co-Owner and Lead Lactation Consultant: Best Fed Babies

"New Mother walks you step-by-step through the process of determining which types of support you want and need, and how to ensure that you find just the right match for you. This book is definitely going on my “suggested reading” shelf."  Read full review - Peachy Keen Birth Services

MANDI WOOLERY, Certified Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator  

"We know that parenting is the most important job in the world and yet we are not well equipped for it. Allie's book steps into this breach to address two of what I think are the most important aspects of new parenthood: not expecting that two sets of hands can do it all, and making time for the most important aspects of the first few months (and even years) of parenthood: taking the time to get to know each other; to take the stress off and find support to heal, to adjust, to learn and to grow as a new family.
Allie's book provides options for couples to wonder and discuss, to think ahead and to prepare, and this, I think sets them up for the best possible start to parenthood."

ELLY TAYLOR, author Becoming Us: Loving, Learning and Growing Together

"This is a refreshing book about what pregnancy, birth and motherhood really mean. Allie Chee, found herself to be unusual in her attitude and expectations of welcoming a baby into her life. Others in her classes were mostly concerned with avoiding pain and were not prepared to accept any responsibility for the event of mothering. She always wanted a natural childbirth...I was hooked with that comment. This author did not disappoint. She gives infinite detail about preparing for the birth. She is remarkable in planning the birth she wanted. No detail was omitted in how to prepare your home, hire a healthcare professional, find the perfect doulas for delivery and postpartum. This is every woman's To Do List for creating your "always dreamed of" experience in Motherhood. This is a professional approach to the Profession of Being a Mother. I was absolutely fascinated by her details. I loved her attitude to becoming the Best Mother she could be. It was an amazing read for me, a "Super Mom" from that era where we thought we had to do it all by ourselves. Allie Chee takes preparation to the extreme and makes reading about it fun. I learned from this book and you will too. It is an invaluable guide. You may not be able to do it as well as this talented lady but you'll be better informed and more realistic as you plan to have a baby. The standards have been raised very high for all Doulas, Midwives, Maids, Cooks, Nannies, Health Care Professionaals and Childbirth Educators with this book, New Mother. We could all take heed! Our babies will be the benefactors!"

RHONDDA EVANS HARTFORD, author Natural Childbirth Exercises and trainer to 14,000 women nationwide

"For me, baby number four has brought on the most amount of changes. This is mostly because we have abandoned all things familiar about a hospital birth and we are choosing a home birth. I’ve had to rely on research and community to find information and resources in this area. This is why I have found New Mother to be a book that is for every Mother, whether its your first baby or 4th baby."

KAYLA DAR, founder Baby's Breastie

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