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Natural Childbirth Exercies - Review

Natural Childbirth Exercises

If we want any performance or undertaking to turn out the way we envision, training and study are a must—even with natural childbirth. 

The good news is: the more we study and train, the more we can release concerns, look forward with joy, and entrust the outcome to the Divine!

With that in mind, check out this fantastic book by Rhondda Hartman, mother to 5, grandmother to 9, & trainer to 14,000+ pregnant women…

 Natural childbirth, like natural health, happens…naturally! If we do our part, that is.

Natural Childbirth Exercises outlines exactly what our part is in creating a naturally strong and healthy pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum experience.

If you’re imagining heaving, sweaty routines—no worries—it’s not that.  Some of the exercises aren’t even “exercises!” As Rhondda explains, many are simply “postures” we can practice while pregnant, and throughout our lives, that help us maintain strength and flexibility.

Further, this is much more than an exercise book.  There are fun, beneficial surprises throughout that I wouldn’t have expected:

• Rhondda’s soothing and empowering affirmations and poetry
• gentle postpartum exercises
• supportive ideas for our “new career” as mother
• inspiring stories from Rhondda’s 5(!) wonderful childbirth experiences 
• a chapter that was written by her dearly departed husband in which 
   he shares the joy he experienced and his role in their natural childbirths
• and even tips for what to do if your baby decides to make an entrance
   before you’re with your support team—unlikely you’ll need it, but good information to have!

Natural Childbirth Exercises author, Rhondda  Hartman
But most importantly, Natural Childbirth Exercises gently and clearly walks you through the process of preparing your body for that gift that gives to the whole family for a lifetime…a drug-free, natural childbirth experience.

If that’s what you have in mind, Natural Childbirth Exercises will be a best friend in helping you realize your vision.

Thank you, Rhondda, for training over 14,000 women, for writing this book, and for your love of families and peaceful, happy beginnings!

Mothers-to-be, take to heart these encouraging words:

“Do not believe that drugs are safe for you or your baby.

Your body is made to give birth.

That baby who is alert and ready to find your breast will be your reward.

 Keep that darling baby’s wellbeing in mind.”

-Natural Birth Exercises, Rhondda Hartman

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